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5 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Ashley howard says:

    Why the hell are you letting the government ruin our kids. Education should be governed by the State not by the government. From what I’ve seen is that the government has been making art children Dummer and dumber and dumber and dumber. Our state needs to take back educational system and make it our own again so our kids have a future. And actually teach our children.

    • G. Larravide says:

      I am interested to know, as another educational advocate, like yourself, how you know this. What basis is this conclusion coming from? Specifically, what do you see as changing and how has this affected your student? Thank you, in advance, for giving more detail.

  2. Dawn Henderson says:

    I would like to see performance audits on teachers and school staff. Where can I find those?

  3. Toby says:

    As the mother of 6 children who have completed or are currently attending schools in Issaquah School District, I would like to know what happens when one of six children isn’t tracking to pass the math end of course test? Sadly, she wasn’t tested for IEP eligibility until last year, despite a denied
    request for testing 4 years ago.

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