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  1. Paul Sturm says:

    College and career ready implies such a wide range of proficiencies. Someone going into an entry level career such as trade apprentice program or entry level job will require much different kinds and levels of proficiency than someone entering any 4 year institution, and then there is everything in between. To be fair, the score for graduation should be at a level that really anyone who is ready to be employed (begin any career) should be able to pass. Tiers of recognition (3 and 4) that could mean something to a community college or university in acceptance and placement decisions should be an incentive and would be appropriate, but not as graduation requirements.

    SBE is trying to do too many things with a single test score. Making graduation dependent upon it is inappropriate. It is one of many important indicators that should be considered for graduation from high school and in differentiating the meaning of college and career readiness. Tests should not be used to discourage and stunt growth, instead a test should inform and motivate.

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