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When the (School) Levy Breaks

‘When the Levee Breaks’ was a blues song recorded in 1929 by the colorfully named musical duo of Kansas Joe McCoy and Memphis Minnie. The song was about the catastrophic aftermath of the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927. Might Washington … Continue reading

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First Reactions to the McCleary Order

I had a chance to read the McCleary ruling in full last week.  It has some direct implications for the State Board of Education’s work.  Beyond that, it has a distinctly different urgency, tone, and level of detail than prior … Continue reading

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A budget cut by any other name…

When the Legislature doesn’t fund teacher COLAs, does that count as a “budget cut?” As the Washington State Legislature responds to the Order placed upon it by the state’s Supreme Court to fully fund K-12 education, an interesting issue has … Continue reading

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K-12 Funding: Building on a Shaky Foundation

1993 ushered in the birth of the World Wide Web at CERN, Beanie Babies, and the passage of Washington’s Education Reform Act. A lot has changed in education over the last 20 years. Our students are more diverse, and our … Continue reading

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Teacher Compensation – “Bumps”

Apropos to our discussion at the Board meeting on teacher compensation there is an article co-authored by UW’s Marguerite Roza (link below) that makes the case that there is currently a national imbalance between the amount of money we spend … Continue reading

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